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You don't need a lot of experience to be a champion of mental health. You just need to be present, and to be passionate about the importance of mental health.

Below are some tools to get you going, and to help you spread the word in your workplace and beyond.

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Better for everyone: Kyle and Ela talk about why it's important to have a conversation about our mental health in the workplace and work together to make changes that create more psychologically healthy working environments.

Tazz @ Work: Comedian and mental health advocate “Big Daddy Tazz” gets real about not passing judgement on co-workers on stress leave and having compassion for the unknown.

"We are not just workers": MGEU member Ciara Shattuck explains the vital roll leaders can play in opening the door to mental health discussions in an office environment.

"Stop the cycle": Cris, an MGEU member, explains how tough tackling mental illness stigmas can be, especially for men, and why it’s so important we all feel free to ask for help when we need it.

Shelley's Story: MGEU member, Shelley, talks about the toll of vicarious trauma at work and the need for employers to address the elephant in the room.

Silent Injuries: Experts and activists explain why mental health in our workplaces is every bit as important as our physical health.

Garvin's Story: MGEU member, Garvin, shares his first-hand account of mental health trauma while on the job.

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