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You don't need a lot of experience to be a champion of mental health. You just need to be present, and to be passionate about the importance of mental health.

Below are some tools to get you going, and to help you spread the word in your workplace and beyond.

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We are Agents of Change: Ela from the Canadian Mental Health Association and Amanda, Crisis Counsellor and MGEU member with Local 420, explain the importance of starting the conversation and stepping into the role as an agent of change.

Silent Injuries: Experts and activists explain why mental health in our workplaces is every bit as important as our physical health.

Garvin's Story: An MGEU members shares his first-hand account of mental health trauma while on the job.

Now More than Ever: MGEU President Michelle Gawronsky and others explian how the pandemic is both challenging our mental health and brining it to the forefront in our workplaces.

Working Together: MGEU's President and Safety and Healthy specialist explain that the employer is ultimately responsible for protecting and promoting our mental health at work -- but we all have a role to play.

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