Tools to stop the stigma

  1. Talk openly about your own mental health and any challenges you face, either in the past or ongoing.
    Not sure how? Watch Garvin’s video about his experience as a Correctional Officer.
  2. Educate yourself and others — learn more about mental illnesses and their effects.
    CMHA Myths About Mental Illness
  3. Be conscious of your language – don’t use words like “psycho”, “mental”, or “schizo”, or say demeaning things about people with mental illness in conversation – and challenge others who do.
  4. Don’t avoid people with mental illness.
  5. Be open and supportive if someone talks to you about their mental health.
  6. Make discussions and information about mental health visible in your workplace.

Read more about how stigma works and how we might prevent it.
Opening Minds Together Against Stigma