For All MGEU members

Time to Connect - Webinar Series

A Roadmap for Change

Our first Healthy Minds at Work webinar -- A Roadmap for Change -- was hosted March 30, 2021 with MGEU’s Safety and Health Specialist, Blaine Duncan, who talked about the campaign and the role we, as workers, play in making mental health a priority in our workplaces. You can re-watch the webinar below:

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For MGEU Workplace Reps

Learn how to represent those facing mental health challenges with confidence and compassion

Mental illnesses can be bewildering for people who aren’t familiar with them. Sometimes they involve changes in personality, mood, or behaviour, and that can be confusing.

Training and education can help yous offer members support in a way that is sensitive, empathetic, and appropriate. Emotional support is important, but so is being able to help in concrete and practical ways like understanding what benefits and accommodations are available.

Through training, you’ll learn how to:

  • approach members with a mental health challenge appropriately and how to respond if members approach them;
  • recognize signs of mental illness and offer to support members in a way that is appropriate, empathetic, and respectful;
  • advocate for accommodations and help make the case for workplace-related injury, if appropriate;
  • help prevent health issues from becoming disciplinary issues; and
  • help negotiate a good return-to-work process after mental health-related leave.

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The MGEU currently offers a Workplace Wellness/Psychological Health course which includes:

  • Identifying and discussing workplace stressors;
  • Exploring symptoms of stress and stress-related dysfunction;
  • Applying the CSA Standard for a Psychologically Safe Workplace

Details about dates and times for Workplace Wellness/Psychological Health, as well as other mental-health related courses the MGEU is currently developing, will be made available on The Source.